telling our friends we broke up...

As you guys might've seen, Lexi and I broke up. We never told anyone, so today we told our friends and you guys. We hope you understand and we love you all so much!

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  • Jack Bieber
    Jack Bieber17 hours ago

    Brent looked so happy😂😂😂

  • simal tariq
    simal tariq23 hours ago

    I cried🙇


    This is sad i am crying

  • Divided rick
    Divided rickDay ago

    I’m really sorry

  • Mariyam Fiuna
    Mariyam FiunaDay ago

    I'm so sad😭😭😭😭

  • Samiya Curley
    Samiya CurleyDay ago

    So no more bexie 🥺🥺🥺

  • Danya Alemayehu
    Danya AlemayehuDay ago

    that is so sad

  • mariela lopez
    mariela lopezDay ago

    Yeah write you say that at the ends come on Brent you could have made your sister happy with ben

  • Ashley Hualparuca
    Ashley HualparucaDay ago

    noooo the ending is so sad

  • Melanie Aburto
    Melanie AburtoDay ago

    I really want to cry 😭 so hard that my face will turn red because this one was more sad ever since Cyrus and Christina broke up and I was sad in that one too

  • Eliana Babirye
    Eliana BabiryeDay ago


  • Arundati Pandyan
    Arundati PandyanDay ago

    guys listen, we all want bexi back but they did this for a reason and they both look much happier now , so lets try not to force them in anyway, in the end its just gonna make it harder. So let them have it. And we will be here patiently waiting..

  • sadhna ramburuth
    sadhna ramburuthDay ago

    I am so sad

  • Kimberlyn crasto
    Kimberlyn crastoDay ago

    I am crying rn but I came to why the broke up 💔💔💔

  • Ruth Laus
    Ruth LausDay ago

    I wished that this was a prank and also my favorite couple in the group was Bexi and Brierson buuttttt I guess Bexi's done

  • Riddhi Deshpande
    Riddhi DeshpandeDay ago


  • Jninyo✔️
    Jninyo✔️2 days ago

    Andrew is now being cool to get lexi 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐 (Edit: uhhhh I think now landrew ship is sailing 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡)

  • Evelina K
    Evelina K2 days ago

    “Dang I’m sad” 😃

  • 2290963
    22909632 days ago

    I got really teary-eyed and I really am going to miss your guys's relationship and it's just what you guys want

  • Sithumini Gamage
    Sithumini Gamage2 days ago

    Ben still love her 💔😔

  • Sithumini Gamage
    Sithumini Gamage2 days ago

    Jeremy 😥

  • Justen Sena
    Justen Sena2 days ago


  • Pieced Lxgoon
    Pieced Lxgoon2 days ago

    I bet don is happy about the break up because he is a simp

  • Christian Francis
    Christian Francis2 days ago


  • Lavanya PRADHAN
    Lavanya PRADHAN2 days ago

    Bexi bexi bexi back together plssss please

  • Jennifer Guerrero
    Jennifer Guerrero2 days ago

    Why do you guys just can’t be back together

  • trishna gurung
    trishna gurung2 days ago

    I like bexi but now I like landrew

  • Pushpa Shaji
    Pushpa Shaji2 days ago

    The ending was so sad😭😭

  • Anand Easwaran
    Anand Easwaran2 days ago

    Noooooooooooo 😢 RIP bexi 🪦 This is toooooooo sad 😞

  • Fik Mokhtar
    Fik Mokhtar3 days ago

    How u guys filming this? Who's recording? If u are putting infront, u friends might be have noticed about the content. Thus, it just scripted

  • Singeru Singeo
    Singeru Singeo3 days ago


  • siddhay mahale
    siddhay mahale3 days ago

    amp squad is like the f.r.e.i.n.d.s and bexi is ross and rachel

  • Jacob Swenson
    Jacob Swenson3 days ago

    i miss bexi

  • Ashley Marroquin
    Ashley Marroquin3 days ago

    :Lexi H: “I wish this was a prank 😥🥺”

  • Ashley Marroquin
    Ashley Marroquin3 days ago

    :Lexi:” so we are finally telling our friends we broke up because Ben smells bad” :Ben: “STOP🥺” :Lexi: “ just kidding 🥺”

  • Selena Pink
    Selena Pink3 days ago

    Brent loves hitting the broom lol 😂 you guys are the best and I wish to get bexi back 🥺😏😉☺️

  • Nevaeh Brooks
    Nevaeh Brooks3 days ago


  • Cornell Liu
    Cornell Liu3 days ago

    Lexi and please do not break up

  • Winni Mccullough
    Winni Mccullough3 days ago

    Why am I seeing this now it’s so sad

  • Hailyn Colomb
    Hailyn Colomb3 days ago

    Noooooo I hate this

  • Hayley Queenan
    Hayley Queenan 3 days ago

    awwww I feel bad for Ben and Lexi

  • Rameen Asghar.
    Rameen Asghar.3 days ago

    Brent ur brooms have been saved no more brooms needed

  • Always Aviation
    Always Aviation3 days ago

    Rip the broom

    AROHI. R VLOGS❤3 days ago

    All the squad is here to see if it is a prank

  • HS2
    HS23 days ago


  • jazz lub
    jazz lub3 days ago

    U guys really made me cry 🥺 going to miss bexi together 🙄

  • Faith Mariane Videos
    Faith Mariane Videos3 days ago

    So sad you guys broke up

  • Hima Teja
    Hima Teja3 days ago

    Everyone was sad when the power couple broke up. Love you bexi😢

  • Noemie IWATAMA
    Noemie IWATAMA3 days ago

    Bexi was honestly the cutest couple in the group

  • Chantal Mina
    Chantal Mina3 days ago


  • Jelena Samardžić
    Jelena Samardžić3 days ago


  • MMX_glizzy
    MMX_glizzy3 days ago

    Jeremy trying so hard not to smile

  • Sneha Chandavar
    Sneha Chandavar3 days ago

    Literally I am crying

  • Tara Murali
    Tara Murali3 days ago

    ok so the insta post of ben saying thx for everything lexi made meh think she was dead, so I went to yt and found these two vids. RIP broom RIP

  • Denver Holderman
    Denver Holderman4 days ago


    VENIA SURARA4 days ago

    i was cring a the end that was soo sad :(

  • Suman Rai
    Suman Rai4 days ago

    I am really sad please be back together This is love from India

  • Harjit S Sidhu
    Harjit S Sidhu4 days ago

    Its a wrong thing to do ben. But u did it Whatever u believe u can achieve

  • Harjit S Sidhu

    Harjit S Sidhu

    4 days ago

    I m sorry ben I always prayed for u to not break up but this happened im really sory and I cried the whole night so Im really really sorry.

  • Brookana
    Brookana4 days ago

    The saddest part is that some of them were expecting it to be a prank

  • CrazyGirlYT
    CrazyGirlYT4 days ago

    I keep watching this and just start crying every time 😩🥺😢 #Bexi

  • Ytjbub
    Ytjbub4 days ago

    Brent is problem happy in the inside

  • CGSmithy
    CGSmithy4 days ago

    Why a montage at the end it’s so sad

  • Hasna Ismail
    Hasna Ismail4 days ago

    😢😢😢😢😢i cried😢

  • Kubashni Naidoo
    Kubashni Naidoo4 days ago

    Where Pierson at ????😭 I wanted to see her reaction

  • Anna Klassen
    Anna Klassen4 days ago

    Omg the end made me cry 😭 I love you guys so much❤️❤️

  • Angel Paulson
    Angel Paulson4 days ago

    Bring back #bexi

  • Rekha Chala
    Rekha Chala4 days ago

    Well Lexi is not so good get another girl

  • Kate Ashcraft
    Kate Ashcraft5 days ago

    anyone else come back to watch this video just because you miss bexi

  • Londyn Hibbert
    Londyn Hibbert5 days ago

    I have watched this like 6 times and I can’t stop crying 😢😭🥺

  • Anushka Shekhawat
    Anushka Shekhawat5 days ago

    dom looks soo good in those hairs

  • Abrisham Mirahmadian
    Abrisham Mirahmadian5 days ago


    VIDYA SHIVALKAR5 days ago

    Andrew is all ready to be LANDREW very soon. 😏😏

    VIDYA SHIVALKAR5 days ago

    Brent Rivera just tries to show that he is a bold man and is happy for their break up but he is not. 😭😭😭😭

  • Kamala Singh
    Kamala Singh5 days ago

    You guys are awesome couples

  • Sofia Mutafova
    Sofia Mutafova5 days ago

    You guys are just roasting each other

  • Chickennuggets5732 Star
    Chickennuggets5732 Star5 days ago

    It’s not no more bexi it’s like breva it’s a friendship now.

  • Goldi Kaur
    Goldi Kaur5 days ago

    I was littrely about to cry

  • Sacchi Sachi
    Sacchi Sachi6 days ago

    No bexi what noooo

  • Amp World Fan Page
    Amp World Fan Page6 days ago

    RIP the broom 🧹 Hopefully it will find a new purpose!

  • Michaya Miller
    Michaya Miller6 days ago

    Why you broke up i shipping yall

  • hxartlz
    hxartlz6 days ago

    The thank you for everything Lexi made me cry 😢

  • Anisha Pawar
    Anisha Pawar6 days ago

    after those memories came i just cried . i was like now what am I gonna do with life .

    Saaqib MOHAMED SHURAIK6 days ago

    I feel like if bexi is back brents gonna come in with chainsaw???

  • De V
    De V6 days ago

    I'm crying 😞

  • Abcity & Peter Lopez
    Abcity & Peter Lopez6 days ago

    Wish y’all the best

  • Giulia 497?
    Giulia 497?6 days ago

    Bro i can't... seriously this broke my heart

  • Aadhya's lifestyle
    Aadhya's lifestyle6 days ago

    Bexiiiiiiii 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • annah lisk
    annah lisk6 days ago

    noo dont do that

  • Queen Maria
    Queen Maria6 days ago

    I was literally crying when Ben said "we Broke up " and I am sorry .. but I want bexi seeing again .. I really hope they get back together

  • Harshitha Harshitha
    Harshitha Harshitha6 days ago

    Ohh I started crying for the last edit💔

  • Zulai Garcia
    Zulai Garcia6 days ago

    For 3 years dating 🙁☹️😢

  • Zulai Garcia
    Zulai Garcia6 days ago

    I’m so sry and it is sad 😞 😢😭😔😞

  • Matt Johnson - AHS
    Matt Johnson - AHS7 days ago

    I’m so sad by by bexi

  • calamari
    calamari7 days ago

    i can't unsee Ben's sad smile

  • P A Nanjappa
    P A Nanjappa7 days ago

    Now ben can channel whatever he's feeling into his fight with McBroom

  • Crazy Twister
    Crazy Twister7 days ago

    Okk the ending few seconds I was literally tearing up 🥺🤧🤧😭I love u both and I truly respect respect both of yours decision but even tho I lovee u both infinity 💞🤧 *STAY* *HAPPY* *AND* *I* *HOPE* *THINGS* *NEVER* *EVER* *GET* *AWKWARD* *BETWEEN* *YOU* *LOVE* *YOU* 🥺😘😘❤️

  • merry vlogs
    merry vlogs7 days ago

    I cried l swear l cried you guys are the amazing cople in the group

  • Strxbree
    Strxbree7 days ago

    STOPP the end made me cry🥺

  • Hemsith Ravin Gunasekara
    Hemsith Ravin Gunasekara8 days ago

    Am I the only one crying now😪😪. I literally feel so bad😑. They were the best couple which I saw in the USplan. All are trying not to cry. But I know that Ben is the person who feels PAIN a lot. I would like to wish good luck for both of you guys for your future🧡🧡

  • N.S. Anusri Krishna
    N.S. Anusri Krishna8 days ago

    The last video broke my heart