this almost went so bad...
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  • Ben Azelart
    Ben Azelart5 months ago

    How are you guys liking the videos recently?? Anything I should do different?❤️

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    Carter Kanuk

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    Hi there

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    kkkayla mmaddox

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    A lot you earned a subscriber and I really feel bad for your back

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    Rumyana Stoykova-Daskalova

    Month ago

    I supdgrayb sorry Ben opsi

  • Gerlie uy
    Gerlie uy4 hours ago

    Ben is so not a good friend

  • Zane Black
    Zane Black4 hours ago

    The only video when Ben does not wear his merch

  • AliTheKing 2434
    AliTheKing 2434Day ago

    Done love you

  • Mukadez Luzha
    Mukadez LuzhaDay ago

    I love you Ben and dom

  • Amp World Fan!!
    Amp World Fan!!Day ago

    Don’t you think Dom always gets the good things

  • Ganza Rubimbura
    Ganza RubimburaDay ago

    U know ben I have been trying to tell u this Brent is the best sorry Your fan

  • Ganza Rubimbura

    Ganza Rubimbura

    Day ago

    And I really like brent

  • Ragini Krishnan
    Ragini Krishnan2 days ago


  • SapLynx
    SapLynx2 days ago

    *teaching lexi how to drive* *hasnt she been driving for like over a year?*

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    Gabriella Rojas3 days ago

    SUBSCRIBE he’s almost to 6 mil!!!

  • Helen Bao
    Helen Bao3 days ago

    As soon as Dom say 1 sub = 1 more paintball i unsubscribe and subscribe a lot

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  • Hernandez ruiz
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    Brittany Jackson3 days ago

    Hi this is baby Scott Goblin my butt my baby brother named people and my big brother man guarding he's a fan to you by

  • Cristina Nuñez
    Cristina Nuñez3 days ago

    I would say lexi is ten

  • Mya Thomas
    Mya Thomas3 days ago

    My sister is a Jeremy fan!!!! Sorry ben

  • Qamar plays
    Qamar plays3 days ago

    Me: ouch if i am shot by a paitball gun I would definitely be dead Dom: 1 more subcriber =on more pait

  • Joanne Jackson
    Joanne Jackson4 days ago

    Brother Poole Little if why did you break up with Lexi If you didn't before this video sorry

  • Yasmin Moradel
    Yasmin Moradel4 days ago

    ALL Done

  • Josephine Kim
    Josephine Kim4 days ago

    Dom: each sub is one paintshot Me: he then has to get shot 5.96M

  • Alyanna Lee
    Alyanna Lee5 days ago

    How is Ben always okay with getting shot by a paintball gun!! He acts like that is so normal! HOWWWWWWWW!!??

  • Matthew Brawley
    Matthew Brawley5 days ago

    i love you dom

  • Kathryn Hamburg
    Kathryn Hamburg5 days ago

    Haaaaaaahaaaaaaaa ben

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    LENA JAWORSKA6 days ago

    Sorry Ben I subscribed ☹️

  • Ester Garcia
    Ester Garcia6 days ago

    She's now's how to drive

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  • Akila De Silva
    Akila De Silva7 days ago

    Doneee Omggg lol

    RANDOM SKY7 days ago

    I fell bad for ben

  • Cameron Patterson
    Cameron Patterson8 days ago

    Or to the back for ever subscribe

  • Cameron Patterson
    Cameron Patterson8 days ago

    Many paintball to bens head

  • ivie xxx
    ivie xxx8 days ago

    I'm sorry Lexi but Ben you should feel Lexi's room up with pool pit balls🤔🤑💩❤️❤️❤️❤️🤣😄😅😉😆Sss

  • Cara V
    Cara V8 days ago

    was anyone else concerned why dom was so good as shooting a paintball...

  • Heather Estrada
    Heather Estrada8 days ago

    I’m i’m subscribe

  • toti froty love cats
    toti froty love cats8 days ago

    Hi happy Valntyms Day fatma batyfaly

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    I heard you get likes for saying random things so: The Fitness Gram Pacer Test Is A Multi Gram Blah Blah Blah

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    Annabella Haggery10 days ago

    I love you videos Ben

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    chikiliki panda10 days ago

    I subbed for that paint ball

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    Sumith Rajapura11 days ago

    Hahaha Ben you r the Best

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    Zubair Mohammadi11 days ago

    i subscribed in btw i been lovin the vids

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  • ifrah omar
    ifrah omar11 days ago

    I feel so sorry for Ben and Jeremy but Dom got lucky

  • ItsIslaPlayz J
    ItsIslaPlayz J11 days ago

    You are the best youtuber in world

  • ItsIslaPlayz J
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  • ItsIslaPlayz J
    ItsIslaPlayz J11 days ago

    Hey Ben

  • Stephanie White
    Stephanie White11 days ago

    Who else realizes that Dom always gets the good stuff

  • Shannon Elwin
    Shannon Elwin12 days ago

    Hi ben

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    JH - 04TA 837098 Roberta Bondar PS13 days ago

    Oh my god 😯☠️☠️

  • Dhruvir Shah
    Dhruvir Shah13 days ago

    Oh no! Shit Ben I feel sorry for that

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    Vijayalaxmi Malhotra13 days ago

    JNU. Nun.

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    cassie Evans13 days ago

    I love you 😍❤️

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    who the fuck subscribed you are the best haha 😝

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    Annabel Amsih14 days ago

    Guys what does beat mean when Lexi calls him that??

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    Diana Porath15 days ago

    I subscribed

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    Quinne Rides15 days ago

    Fun fact that bottle is Alcohol Ik because my mom drinks that alcohol

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    FUN WITH ANUSHKA16 days ago

    Hey did some one notice santa cruz on Ben's t-shirt it's located in i Mumbai (India) before the paint gun shoot

  • Mariah Rollins
    Mariah Rollins16 days ago

    Nobody: Dom: flips his hair like 7-10 times Me: 😐😑😐 ...WHAT?!?!

  • Harley Carver
    Harley Carver16 days ago

    Is the thumbnail actually what happened was a thumbnail just click bait hmm…🤔🤔🤔

  • Harley Carver

    Harley Carver

    16 days ago

    Just kidding I really love you guys like your videos

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    amylouise2345616 days ago

    Do it

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    Hope Knox16 days ago

    I am Dune

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    kreta16 days ago

    The only person who I love to watch every day and make my day begin . Love your energy Ben.

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    Rachael Owens19 days ago

    I'm subscribed and liked all ur videos

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    Ru Ta19 days ago

    I think Ben is the sweetest among the squad

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    I love u ben

  • Dino Dude
    Dino Dude21 day ago

    That's 5.79 mil paintballs

  • Umeshappa B S
    Umeshappa B S21 day ago

    How can someone watch this before he uploads it ??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nazeem Akhtar
    Nazeem Akhtar21 day ago

    He spelt lunch time lcunh time

  • Sherice Autencio
    Sherice Autencio22 days ago

    i feel bad for ben

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    Emily Todd22 days ago

    Ben dies Lexie in a car vroom vroom

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    Antonio Sempiira22 days ago

    I don’t have tik tok

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    I feel bad for beneboo

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    drxpxoxo23 days ago

    “Roses are dead🥀 “Violets are dying “Outside i’m smiling.😀 “But inside i’m crying🥺 I just wish people would notice my content🙃

    THE REVENENT GAMING23 days ago

    Pierson is rather than ur ex gold diger

  • Etselecxx bby
    Etselecxx bby23 days ago

    This gives very much drivers license By Olivia

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    Jahnavi S23 days ago

    Done ✅

  • Carla Gerrard
    Carla Gerrard23 days ago

    I couldn't even hear what they were saying the whole way through even when it was on the maximum volume

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    Jameela Sathar23 days ago

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    Danielle Robinson25 days ago

    In February 24 2021 Is My Birthday

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