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    Roblox world 2 hours ago

    Yay Mexico wins

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    PotatoGirl485 Gaming6 hours ago

    Ben do you speak French fries

  • Abdulla Yusuf
    Abdulla Yusuf11 hours ago

    Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! Spanish!!!!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • Abdulla Yusuf
    Abdulla Yusuf11 hours ago

    Ben is very creative 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jessiana darling
    jessiana darling14 hours ago

    I would go with Spanish.

  • •Black_Zach•
    •Black_Zach•17 hours ago

    5:59 😂 it said ncie not nice

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    Macey MilesDay ago

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    Rashad GriffinDay ago

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    Charli fanpageDay ago

    Can Andrew be more perfect

  • Ninjago 4 life
    Ninjago 4 life2 days ago

    Ben: me and and Andrew r the only ones who speak a different language in our friend group Stokes twins silently in a corner: what abt us🥺🥺🥺😢

    SERENITY DUT2 days ago

    When brents says bro my hoodies on fire cuz it is on fire(:



    2 days ago

    when it happens 2:47

  • Carter Holsey
    Carter Holsey2 days ago

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    Dora the beach 🏖2 days ago

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    A. Gonzalez2 days ago

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  • A. Gonzalez
    A. Gonzalez2 days ago

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    Jose Alex Rodas2 days ago

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    kim afton2 days ago

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  • Crystal Bravo
    Crystal Bravo2 days ago

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  • Gerardo Lopez
    Gerardo Lopez2 days ago

    I like the part where you speak French and the girls were actually able to understand you

  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez3 days ago

    i like your vis

  • ErzyOnClaps
    ErzyOnClaps3 days ago

    C'mon ta pie ben? Wi in english

  • shafaq Wajihkhan
    shafaq Wajihkhan3 days ago

    I know french but I am from Pakistan

  • Jozie Gomes
    Jozie Gomes3 days ago

    Lets Give Brent Props for Being Luigi

  • Leslie Nowlin
    Leslie Nowlin3 days ago

    Logan’s beard is ginormous

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  • Chantelle Pinomi
    Chantelle Pinomi3 days ago

    It’s Spanish not Mexico

  • Chelsea Rankin
    Chelsea Rankin3 days ago

    But France is the city of love or idk what they say-

  • Awilda Peguero
    Awilda Peguero4 days ago

    I can speak spanish Hola you see

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  • Golden Scar Playz
    Golden Scar Playz4 days ago

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    bpseres4 days ago

    Ben, I can't wear the hoodie because it's like 90 degrees out. Also Ben, wears a hoodie

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    Paarden liefde5 days ago

    Girl 3 is a nice girl

  • Alejandro González González
    Alejandro González González5 days ago

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  • Alejandro González González

    Alejandro González González

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    Muhammad Azeem Muhammad Muzaffar Iqbal -5 days ago

    I like French don't worry

  • Geesara Gain
    Geesara Gain6 days ago

    Brent is so cut as luigi

  • Alejandro Palacios
    Alejandro Palacios6 days ago

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    twinkle Lawrence6 days ago

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  • Ashley Mojica
    Ashley Mojica7 days ago

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  • Cool Dinosaur
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  • Flaming Hot Cheetos Gaming YT
    Flaming Hot Cheetos Gaming YT8 days ago

    Its not on of just those two that speak another language the stroke twins as well. Love your videos 💖👁👄👁

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    felicia8 days ago

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    The Aussie farmer8 days ago

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    Josefina Cervantes

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    angelina angela9 days ago

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    Grace Jeffrey9 days ago

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    Gabrielle Adams9 days ago

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    Mike Ingram10 days ago

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  • Khyleigh Symonette
    Khyleigh Symonette10 days ago

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    ckgdunn11 days ago

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  • Lindsay Cooper
    Lindsay Cooper11 days ago

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    liam Jones11 days ago

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    Sofia Guatemala Ramírez12 days ago

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  • Medz Pfukri
    Medz Pfukri12 days ago

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  • Medz Pfukri

    Medz Pfukri

    7 days ago

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  • Melany Leyva Torres

    Melany Leyva Torres

    8 days ago

    Spanish you mean but SAMEEE!

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    Aiden Neil13 days ago

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    Josaiah Chapa13 days ago

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  • ohemaa Antwi
    ohemaa Antwi13 days ago

    It's was so funny when Ben was banging the door when Jeremy was on the toilet 🚻🤣

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    Cristhian el Robloxian13 days ago

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    kiwicat2313 days ago

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    Anime puppy gamer14 days ago

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    Crazy Captain14 days ago

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    MANTASHA KHAN14 days ago

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  • Kirzten Charm
    Kirzten Charm14 days ago

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    Julian Reyes15 days ago

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    Evie-Rose Jennings15 days ago

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    Marie-Hélène Corbin15 days ago

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    Swingixg gacha15 days ago

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    Briseida Valenzuela16 days ago

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  • Jamaican King
    Jamaican King16 days ago

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