I cut people's headphones, forgot Lexi's birthday, pranked Brent literally a million times, and so much was a WILD year! Thank you everyone!


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INTRO SONG: "Ace Of Spades" By Yugo

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  • Ben Azelart
    Ben Azelart5 months ago

    Thank you to everyone who supported me in 2020!❤️Get ready for an even crazier 2021🔥

  • Ricardo Carbajal

    Ricardo Carbajal

    14 days ago


  • Ricardo Carbajal

    Ricardo Carbajal

    14 days ago

    El d DF

  • Hobos gud

    Hobos gud

    18 days ago


  • Adrisy Zazi

    Adrisy Zazi

    18 days ago

    Don’t do the mouse trap one again ok Ben

  • Hobos gud

    Hobos gud

    18 days ago


  • Jae Jin lee
    Jae Jin leeMinute ago

    ben:why are you wearing a dress? lexi:*sad* yoo i felt so bad for lexi

  • PotatoGirl485 Gaming
    PotatoGirl485 Gaming6 hours ago

    Ben you are my favorite person on USplan

  • Shelmith Wamaitha
    Shelmith Wamaitha8 hours ago

    Ben looks cute in a lipstick 😂😂💔

  • Keira ODonnell
    Keira ODonnell11 hours ago

    done i watch all ur vids

  • Caitlin Larrieux
    Caitlin Larrieux15 hours ago

    Then how do you think Ben gets his backflips

  • Xavier Amsterdam
    Xavier Amsterdam18 hours ago


  • Xavier Amsterdam
    Xavier Amsterdam18 hours ago


  • sabbir akhond
    sabbir akhond20 hours ago

    i love you ben so much 2000000000354687809

  • Kobi Bishop
    Kobi Bishop20 hours ago

    Your a bullllllyyyyy

  • Evi tyler
    Evi tyler23 hours ago

    5:37 nooooo the music😩✋

  • Dinotwins_sisster Dino
    Dinotwins_sisster DinoDay ago

    Is it baby from

  • Amara palmer
    Amara palmerDay ago


  • Eva Llinares
    Eva LlinaresDay ago

    Yeah im famous :D im eva 😝

  • Kinlee Jeffers
    Kinlee JeffersDay ago

    Your such a nice person Ben

  • Ghalya JISHI (AL)
    Ghalya JISHI (AL)Day ago

    i love ur vidz

  • Fortnite kid
    Fortnite kidDay ago

    I feel bad for Brent that he did not notice that he “pooped his pants”.

  • Giseli Kamaleli
    Giseli KamaleliDay ago

    When Ben said I’m meeting Brent for lunch I thought he said I’m eating Brent for lunch 😂

  • Malaya Reed
    Malaya ReedDay ago



    Where are you living which country i want to meet you

  • Margie Fernandez
    Margie Fernandez3 days ago

    How old are you been

  • Anson Ayuno
    Anson Ayuno3 days ago

    Im lenie, this pranks are so good, and this when they speak french brent and lexi just know spanosh

  • Cheng Lee
    Cheng Lee4 days ago

    U look like the rock

  • Debbie W
    Debbie W4 days ago


  • Jennifer Velasco
    Jennifer Velasco4 days ago

    I like lexi prank haaaaaaa

  • Jennifer Velasco
    Jennifer Velasco4 days ago

    I like pank haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jennifer Velasco
    Jennifer Velasco4 days ago


  • Ashes_gacha128 (•Ashes•Gacha•)
    Ashes_gacha128 (•Ashes•Gacha•)4 days ago


  • Leslie Nowlin
    Leslie Nowlin4 days ago

    Your so rude

  • Cherri panda
    Cherri panda4 days ago

    Poor lexi is always being harassed

  • FaZe Faza
    FaZe Faza4 days ago

    Omg 4:40 I thought he said I’m eating Brent for lunch 😂😂

  • Läyla Plays
    Läyla Plays4 days ago

    I was laughing my head off on 8:08 I was literally about to cry because I was laughing so hard!😂

  • Connor Stagg
    Connor Stagg4 days ago


  • Kylo ren O
    Kylo ren O4 days ago

    That was so sad she brought you food and you still ignored her

  • ☀︎︎ IᗪIOT ᔕᗩᐯᗴᖇ ☀︎︎
    ☀︎︎ IᗪIOT ᔕᗩᐯᗴᖇ ☀︎︎5 days ago

    Lexi: I got you food 🥺💗 Ben: ** ignores lexi** Also lexi: **puts a Big Mac on Ben and puts French fries in his nose**

  • Jake_YT
    Jake_YT5 days ago

    the ignoring lexi is so sad

  • Peyton Hannah
    Peyton Hannah6 days ago

    I know Bailey payne

  • Chxrry Bloomz
    Chxrry Bloomz6 days ago

    20:23 ahahah her stuttering because she doesn't know what he said made my day.

  • Michael Shea
    Michael Shea7 days ago

    Lexi thought ben forget about her birthday but lexi almost start crying like for a second ben just feel bad

  • Emma Boo
    Emma Boo7 days ago

    When Ben had the bald cap on he looked like mr. clean😂😂😂

  • Captain Sparkle Fingers
    Captain Sparkle Fingers7 days ago

    6:06 though 6:10 it was so funny

  • Kayla loves poppets
    Kayla loves poppets7 days ago


  • Riddhi Deshpande
    Riddhi Deshpande7 days ago


  • Shiv Patel
    Shiv Patel8 days ago

    Lexi said what the heck randomly

  • cantfindtime
    cantfindtime9 days ago


  • Russell Mclaughlin
    Russell Mclaughlin10 days ago

    Is it just me or did Lexi Hensler say "please be hurry"

  • Rope king Anonymous
    Rope king Anonymous10 days ago

    ben you should prank your friends saying that you have cancer

  • Spxrkyy
    Spxrkyy10 days ago

    i came to watch this video again after 5 months and why does dom look so much younger lol

  • Cara B
    Cara B10 days ago


  • Brigitte
    Brigitte10 days ago

    Lo, that me

  • Amy Guzman
    Amy Guzman10 days ago

    I know bailey Payne

  • Eric •-• Sora
    Eric •-• Sora10 days ago

    12:12 and 12:15 and 12:16

  • WoodytheGamer
    WoodytheGamer10 days ago

    13:48 Why were those girls telling the Workers in the shop about the incident? They should have reacted to help pick him up, this was a real social experiment!

  • Cathy Vangilder
    Cathy Vangilder11 days ago

    I am a big fan

  • Katie Moon
    Katie Moon11 days ago

    The French fries would of hurt soooo bad

  • Katie Moon
    Katie Moon11 days ago

    Hahaha!! Hahahaha

  • Katie Moon
    Katie Moon11 days ago

    Lexi Rivera was soo angry at you

  • Katie Moon
    Katie Moon11 days ago


  • Katie Moon
    Katie Moon11 days ago


  • Katie Moon
    Katie Moon11 days ago

    Hey Ben is the first prank actually real?

  • Hollie Smith
    Hollie Smith11 days ago

    I feel so bad for Brent

  • jk mk
    jk mk11 days ago

    I love you❤. Ben

  • Josh Benson
    Josh Benson11 days ago

    Wiy do you allwaz get in the car

  • vyvo vivaldi
    vyvo vivaldi11 days ago

    Holly. Shit

  • Chrishawn Thomas
    Chrishawn Thomas11 days ago

    Hi ben

  • Chrishawn Thomas
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  • Simrah Irfan
    Simrah Irfan12 days ago

    This Video is awesome I love it soo much I am a ig fan your the best Lexi and ben

  • Cheese Bolt
    Cheese Bolt12 days ago

    Lexi's birthday is at the last day do the year December 31

  • Strawberries and cream
    Strawberries and cream12 days ago

    I think you should do a prank on your friends so say SHUT UP to your mom for 24 hours

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith12 days ago

    I watch carta share an here’s one of his friends

  • Madison Hernandez
    Madison Hernandez13 days ago

    Me:I think everyone has had nutella Ben we have this chocolate nutella fudge stuff Me:....

  • Slime Player
    Slime Player13 days ago

    7:30 Ben: Lexi i am a boy your don’t have a sister. Lexi: I don’t care get a wig from my cabinet

  • Graham Heard
    Graham Heard13 days ago

    Hi Ben I like I Phone 11 please I want it done

  • Julianne Murphy
    Julianne Murphy13 days ago

    I feel sooo bad for lexi id cry to

  • Jakarta Hans
    Jakarta Hans13 days ago

    Why is Eva not in your vids!

  • S1pectral_gg
    S1pectral_gg13 days ago

    The headphones one was 2019

  • Fishy
    Fishy14 days ago

    4:16 what the f*ck

  • Ricardo Carbajal
    Ricardo Carbajal14 days ago

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  • Emaan Rai
    Emaan Rai14 days ago

    It was very 😄 😄😁😁😆😆 funny

  • Ebony Apps
    Ebony Apps14 days ago

    Happy bday Lexi from the thing

  • issy
    issy15 days ago

    Love your vids

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    reapercreepergaming15 days ago


  • Liver Sliver
    Liver Sliver15 days ago


  • Andy Bakula Bergerie
    Andy Bakula Bergerie15 days ago

    I Literally Love It When Lexi R Says "Oh My Gawd" It's So Cute!!.

  • Abby Henderson
    Abby Henderson15 days ago

    I thought you said I am eating Brent for lunch lol

  • Oktai Nanad
    Oktai Nanad15 days ago

    3:04 voice crack from lexi

  • Life of Ny
    Life of Ny15 days ago

    Bald Ben

  • Renee Garcia
    Renee Garcia16 days ago

    Ben that’s mest up like Lexi I am here for you

  • Jonathan Valcorba
    Jonathan Valcorba16 days ago

    P can you be

  • Delilah Perez
    Delilah Perez16 days ago

    Ben you look like Mr. Clean

  • Manas Mandal
    Manas Mandal16 days ago

    This is the best video ever!

  • Hanan Jeragh
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  • K.Lalduhawma awma
    K.Lalduhawma awma16 days ago

    Poor ben 😞😞

  • Amber Redman
    Amber Redman17 days ago

    U do actually look like megermind

  • Amber Redman
    Amber Redman17 days ago

    BRO BRO he is gonna freak out when u put up pictures of Ava

  • Nora Fox
    Nora Fox17 days ago

    I feel so bad for ben.😔

  • Paarden liefde
    Paarden liefde17 days ago

    You are a good person i love it when you help athers.

  • Trina Cruz
    Trina Cruz17 days ago

    so good

  • Trina Cruz
    Trina Cruz17 days ago

    omg the girls pranked u