I cut people's headphones, forgot Lexi's birthday, pranked Brent literally a million times, and so much was a WILD year! Thank you everyone!
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  • Ben Azelart
    Ben AzelartMonth ago

    Thank you to everyone who supported me in 2020!❤️Get ready for an even crazier 2021🔥

  • jasmine tea

    jasmine tea

    2 days ago

    Mother anyone

  • jimin chimmy

    jimin chimmy

    12 days ago

    Lexi truely loved you

  • James Cato

    James Cato

    26 days ago

    Hi 😎😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Daelyn Bishop

    Daelyn Bishop

    Month ago

    i love all of the videos that you make hope 2021 brings you good

  • molly holt

    molly holt

    Month ago

    @Brianna Garcia on

  • Satarupa Das
    Satarupa DasHour ago

    I always love brent's instant reactions yoo! 😂😂😂😭😭 Like i legit die laughing😂💯

  • Ian Rivera
    Ian Rivera3 hours ago


  • katy samer
    katy samer4 hours ago

    I. Hope everyone is haveing a great hoilday❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💝💝💝💖

  • Kristen Ellis
    Kristen Ellis7 hours ago


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    Saskia Kasemaa11 hours ago


  • Ari Randall
    Ari Randall11 hours ago

    Lexi H: Please be hurry! Me: uh you mean quick, lol i love your vids lexi Hensler and Lexi Rivera!

  • 11Pooja Mhetre
    11Pooja Mhetre16 hours ago



    When Brent said hi Lexi was dying inside

  • Cottoncandy
    CottoncandyDay ago

    Lexi looks so sad when Ben acted that he forgot her Birthday 💖

  • Shamika Francis
    Shamika FrancisDay ago

    bailey war is lizzy

  • Random Vids
    Random VidsDay ago

    Im half French too! :)

  • Axel Lautemann
    Axel LautemannDay ago

    I love your videos so so much will you put me on you wall please.

  • Paisley Dart
    Paisley DartDay ago


  • Master bro gaming Ed
    Master bro gaming Ed2 days ago

    Done done done Done done

  • Kiko G
    Kiko G2 days ago

    'Please be hurry' xD

  • The Soulless 7
    The Soulless 72 days ago

    I feel like I’m getting watched

  • uswa akhtar
    uswa akhtar2 days ago

    a long vid finally

  • Tim Todd
    Tim Todd2 days ago

    Hurt her

  • Ayan Khan
    Ayan Khan2 days ago


  • Midnight Fox
    Midnight Fox2 days ago

    Lexi looked like she was gonna cry 😭

  • Midnight Fox
    Midnight Fox2 days ago

    Lexi looked like she was gonna cry 😭

  • Damien Castellanos
    Damien Castellanos2 days ago


  • Amanda McEachern
    Amanda McEachern2 days ago

    Its funny how they put pictures of ava in the bedroom and Brent kissed one of them 😂

  • Babylas ngoma
    Babylas ngoma2 days ago


  • jason ngo
    jason ngo3 days ago


  • Max Marucci
    Max Marucci3 days ago

    Lexi: Hello I have not eating all day! I’m hungry!! Everyone else: sees her chewing gum Me: Hmmm... Your Sus

  • Max Marucci

    Max Marucci

    2 days ago


  • Bhavya Hawkz

    Bhavya Hawkz

    2 days ago

    Like would you call chewing gum a meal 🤔

  • Abigail Bowman
    Abigail Bowman3 days ago

    That was so funny what Lexi did.

  • Layla Abouzeid
    Layla Abouzeid3 days ago

    for the cop one with ben having to pretend hes a pregnant girl he only aggreed when Lexi Rivera said please he was gonna say no to Lexi H. but not to Lexi R. omggggg

  • BlaZeyy
    BlaZeyy3 days ago

    i noticed the head set was not connected to the controller hahahahhaha no hate

  • Candy Twins
    Candy Twins3 days ago

    I felt super bad for Lexi when Ben was ignoring her

  • Theresa Vester
    Theresa Vester3 days ago

    hi ben im using my grandmas account im 11 years old love your vids!

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter3 days ago

    I got yiu food awww

  • Ryan Mulcahy
    Ryan Mulcahy3 days ago


  • It’s ur girl Gian
    It’s ur girl Gian3 days ago

    I don,t like her but person is better just say ing .

  • Ali Jayne
    Ali Jayne4 days ago

    The way lexis face is when Ben said that 😣😓

  • Naki 如果Kusama 如果
    Naki 如果Kusama 如果4 days ago

    Awww Ben actually did it! He is such a good friend ❤️❤️

  • Renee D'Souza
    Renee D'Souza4 days ago


  • Farva Munir
    Farva Munir4 days ago


  • Lucas
    Lucas4 days ago

    14:53 I love it how he says omg and acts surprised when he already knew how the room looked Lmao

  • Olivia Bryant
    Olivia Bryant4 days ago


  • Olivia Bryant

    Olivia Bryant

    4 days ago

    Hi hi hello

  • Steve Powers
    Steve Powers4 days ago

    Ben I really want to meet you where do you live what state

  • Steve Powers
    Steve Powers4 days ago

    Oh and Ben I forgot to ask you this do you know Alan and Alex

  • •Astrid_ Star•

    •Astrid_ Star•

    2 days ago

    Yea he does

  • Steve Powers
    Steve Powers4 days ago

    Ben you like my favorite USplanr

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  • Brisa Ruiz Ortiz
    Brisa Ruiz Ortiz4 days ago

    salut ben✌️🌝

  • Nellie and sisi Blog
    Nellie and sisi Blog5 days ago


  • Bøbå Ťêā
    Bøbå Ťêā5 days ago

    3:06 everyone forgot my birthday and went to my friends house on my birthday so I was all alone and yesterday it was my friend Evelyn's birthday so she had all my friends go and I wasnt invited


    good work braa

  • msahota82
    msahota825 days ago

    Hey Lexi always say can we get food don't turn fat

  • Lucia Martone
    Lucia Martone5 days ago


  • Cohen Chester
    Cohen Chester5 days ago

    Bexxxxiiiii. Needs to survive

  • DeAnna Ponce
    DeAnna Ponce5 days ago

    Ben: Hello baby. Lexi: what?

  • Calli Merris
    Calli Merris5 days ago

    i love your videos so much

  • Tenplayz
    Tenplayz5 days ago

    It's so weird

  • Gaming with Luis
    Gaming with Luis6 days ago

    I fell bad for Lexi

  • Violet Davila
    Violet Davila6 days ago


  • A is for Avery
    A is for Avery6 days ago

    Lexi is so confused when you pretend to egnore

    MAHABEROZ BEROZ6 days ago


  • Ruba Ahmed El Mahal Ahmed
    Ruba Ahmed El Mahal Ahmed6 days ago

    Lol he has lipstick on him LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL

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    Haniya Hamza K6 days ago

    Hi Ben

  • Lexi Rappa
    Lexi Rappa7 days ago

    Lexi was soo nice when she got Ben food even tho he was engorging her ❤️

  • Bree English
    Bree English7 days ago

    Ben looks like mr: clean

  • Gabe Cohee
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  • Allison O'Sullivan
    Allison O'Sullivan7 days ago

    I don't know-how everyone belives ben when he pranks them because he pranks them so much

  • John Kenneth Punongbayan
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  • hydro NS
    hydro NS8 days ago

    Why are you’s pranking each other’s

  • Debra Crossland
    Debra Crossland8 days ago

    peepee poopy check

  • Elise Watson
    Elise Watson8 days ago

    Low-key I actually feel bad for Lexi she just looks so dead

  • Reuben Roy
    Reuben Roy8 days ago

    10:21 me be like

  • Blake Thurman
    Blake Thurman8 days ago

    Is live together like a family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👫💝💞❣💤💜🧡💛💚💚💓💔💔💕😂🤣 I always love your videos they make me laugh they make me feel good I watch some every date

  • Elana L Wartman
    Elana L Wartman8 days ago


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    purple rayzzer8 days ago

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    Brizeida Corrales8 days ago

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    JAYDA LORELLE8 days ago


  • Ian Liu
    Ian Liu9 days ago

    I hope Ben dosent come to my house and do that

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    mustafo nigmatulleav9 days ago

    Ewwww nose

  • Sebastian Rodriquez
    Sebastian Rodriquez9 days ago

    16:32 MR CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Reese Nordvedt
    Reese Nordvedt9 days ago

    The girls prank was sooooo funny loooooooool

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    Alexia Symons9 days ago

    My birthday is on 13of febuery

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  • Makayla Traver
    Makayla Traver9 days ago

    When Ben did the bald prank he looked like Mr clean 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • RSF Show jumping
    RSF Show jumping9 days ago

    The start lol 😂

  • Md. Shahine Omar
    Md. Shahine Omar9 days ago

    14:20 when brent said wat ta hkk

  • Noah Donatelli
    Noah Donatelli10 days ago

    This guy is the man for not laughing when she stuffed French fries 🍟 up his nose

  • Macey Platten
    Macey Platten10 days ago

    Happy birthday lexi

  • •Miss Dani•
    •Miss Dani•10 days ago

    wait pls reply to me if ben is boyfriwnd and girlfriend with lexi! BECAUSE THEY MITE BE MY NEW SHIP

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    James Ward10 days ago

    No Carole

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    IsaacM10 days ago

    When she pretended to forget her birthday, she looked so sad and I felt so bad.

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    Chester Lee10 days ago

    The troubled ink histopathologically dream because mass independently alert lest a wooden giraffe. enchanted, unknown clipper

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  • Biggest Harry Potter fan
    Biggest Harry Potter fan10 days ago

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