I Spent the Night in my Crush's House & She had No Idea... (24 Hour Challenge)

We caught her home alone...

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  • Ben Azelart
    Ben AzelartYear ago

    This challenge was so scary haha. Thanks for watching I love u guys❤️

  • Kristin Brooks

    Kristin Brooks

    9 days ago

    OMG bank she almost caught you

  • Jodie Barrass

    Jodie Barrass

    10 days ago

    Ben your my hero please reply bc you vids are so amazing

  • Lucian ferg

    Lucian ferg

    27 days ago

    Why do u like your own comment

  • Avery wolf

    Avery wolf

    Month ago

    Love your videos so much❤️‍🔥❤️

  • Haseeb Arshad

    Haseeb Arshad

    Month ago


  • Pug guy
    Pug guy6 hours ago

    yes I believe this is called breaking and entering

  • Mia Waldon
    Mia Waldon11 hours ago

    Loved this video

  • Shahid Akhtar
    Shahid Akhtar13 hours ago

    HI BEN AZELART 👍👍👍👍😄😀😊😁 ❤💛💚💙💜💓💕💞💖💗💟

  • Ellie Adams
    Ellie Adams13 hours ago

    Good job this wasn't a live stream bc lexi could have been watching the whole time

  • april springer
    april springer17 hours ago

    if i was lexie i would never want to be home alone after that

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green21 hour ago

    My god so funny

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu22 hours ago

    Love watching your videos

  • Angbeen Hossain
    Angbeen Hossain22 hours ago

    Yo I like your channel

  • iAteTheCake
    iAteTheCake23 hours ago

    Every title is crush

  • Nitin Robert
    Nitin RobertDay ago

    When Ben was hiding under the bed and there was a laptop

  • Lim Yi Qing
    Lim Yi QingDay ago


  • Kim Spicer
    Kim SpicerDay ago


  • Gummy_wxrm
    Gummy_wxrmDay ago

    I love the way lexi is wearing her brother merch❤️

  • reconwe
    reconweDay ago


  • Laina Manny
    Laina Manny2 days ago

    Done done done done done done done

  • Linda Ward
    Linda Ward3 days ago

    They should still be together I miss bexi

  • Goku Fan
    Goku Fan3 days ago

    Who things that USplan is there a best friend during quarantine?

  • Murka The Munchkin
    Murka The Munchkin 3 days ago

    Ben was just like “ they have food”

  • (STUDENT)Estella Anderson
    (STUDENT)Estella Anderson3 days ago

    But when she called him bens contact for Lexie haas a heart and a rose

  • Vishi
    Vishi3 days ago

    you are amazing bro keep it up ❣️

  • Aryaman Singh
    Aryaman Singh3 days ago

    plot twist : the dog is part of the fbi.

  • Vincent Liu
    Vincent Liu3 days ago

    Ben azelart: and scandalous

  • inge gericke
    inge gericke3 days ago

    you almost made 24 hours i love watching your channel

  • Mya Gray
    Mya Gray3 days ago

    You are like a secret spy

  • Jack H
    Jack H4 days ago

    Oh god I’m a little to tickkkkkkkkkkk

    BRIELLE STILSON4 days ago

    That was so close!

  • A_K Gaming
    A_K Gaming4 days ago

    Bro I got heart attack more than you

  • Amisha girl
    Amisha girl4 days ago


  • Darin and eyad
    Darin and eyad4 days ago

    I miss #Bexi

  • Mama Sap
    Mama Sap4 days ago

    If Lexi and Ben got backtogether I l subcribe and like Ben and Lexi USplan channel

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    🌸 Priyanshi 🌸5 days ago

    Who is Ben and lexi fan from India 🇮🇳 Hit like....✨

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  • nipun gaming rare
    nipun gaming rare5 days ago

    Very bad

  • Sophia Vac
    Sophia Vac6 days ago

    Aww thank you

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    Sophia Vac6 days ago


  • pratyai das 5
    pratyai das 56 days ago

    Hi I am ten years

  • Darrell Pace
    Darrell Pace6 days ago

    Love 💕 Ben

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  • Serenity’s World
    Serenity’s World6 days ago

    Oh hell nah, why bruh WHY

  • Attaxer
    Attaxer6 days ago

    One prayer for you guys to not die

    ALLISON6 days ago


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  • Lilly Roberts
    Lilly Roberts6 days ago

    Hi Ben you do some crazy thing's and pranks

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    Ralph Eastham6 days ago

    My sister is twenty she likes you so much she’s your biggest fan

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    TOXIC IMPLUSE6 days ago

    Cool Ben!!!

  • Kiku's Channel
    Kiku's Channel 7 days ago

    the time when she started removing her sweater he turned the camera off and he himself must have seen something;)

  • Wyatt Jackson
    Wyatt Jackson7 days ago


  • Ashley Account
    Ashley Account7 days ago

    i need you to scared lexi out of it crap out there she going to freaked out 😱😱

  • Jovanka Mitrevski
    Jovanka Mitrevski7 days ago

    Is not nice

  • riley fagin
    riley fagin7 days ago

    Done done done done done done done I love your videos And I And your biggest fan

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    Elizabeth Whaley7 days ago

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  • Sreemanjari M
    Sreemanjari M8 days ago

    7:01 "Lexi Rivera❤💕"

  • Grayson brockmeyer
    Grayson brockmeyer8 days ago

    Can you add more please

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    Rhea Jaiswal8 days ago

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    MYFCC SHORTS8 days ago

    I came here right after watching lexi's video loloolol

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    Kristin Brooks9 days ago

    Oh my god Lexi almost caught you

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    Justine Samu9 days ago

    Hi can you shout me out pls I love ur vids

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    Gracieland M10 days ago

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    Omg how did you do that

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  • Carrie Quirk
    Carrie Quirk10 days ago

    Ben say sorry to Lexi

  • Graham Ellis
    Graham Ellis10 days ago

    Ben: Let’s get this video to 100000 likes The video: *has 590K likes*

  • Jacob Hertz
    Jacob Hertz11 days ago

    There's no way this wasn't scripted lol

  • Shannon Wallace
    Shannon Wallace11 days ago

    I love Bexi!!!!!!

  • sdwillis39
    sdwillis3911 days ago

    Why does Lexi’s bed say LRB?

    ADK VLOG11 days ago

    you are the man , ben

  • Aermah 289
    Aermah 28911 days ago

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    MOCHA GAMING12 days ago

    dude did you eat any food beside the cookies

  • Dariel Garcia
    Dariel Garcia12 days ago

    How did she not see you there Ben

  • Kassandra Arreguin
    Kassandra Arreguin12 days ago

    USplanrs: 24 hours Also them: attend to not even spend a day or do it for a day

  • Alicia Marleau
    Alicia Marleau12 days ago

    why you have a camra in her room

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  • keisha Condes
    keisha Condes13 days ago

    Bens name for lexi in messenger:Lexi Rivera🌷❤

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    lolforplayz 14313 days ago

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    Kasey Willis13 days ago

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    Amanda Jenkins13 days ago

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  • Theodor Steenberg
    Theodor Steenberg13 days ago

    Did he sleep at Brent and lexis then

  • Oliver Preston
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  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson13 days ago

    I think this was like, the quietest video Ben has ever filmed -ever-

  • Ghalya Alhashmi

    Ghalya Alhashmi

    10 days ago

    Your right

  • Leander Shilling
    Leander Shilling14 days ago

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  • Leander Shilling
    Leander Shilling14 days ago

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    Leander Shilling14 days ago

    Love you Ben . I am your biggest fan on your USplan video

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    Leander Shilling

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